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Summary of Task Order Projects : 31 - 35

Task Order 31 – Development of Annual Report for National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Covering Fiscal Year 2012

The primary objective of this task is provide critical portions of a NEHRP annual report covering NEHRP activities during fiscal year 2012, covering the period of 1 October 2011 through 30 June 2012. [more]

Task Order 32 - Seismic Behavior and Design of Deep, Slender Wide-Flange Structural Steel Beam-Column Members: Phase 2 Experimental Evaluation

The primary objective of this task order is to develop and implement a testing program to study the behavior of plastic hinges in idealized deep, slender wide-flange structural steel beam-columns undergoing significant cyclic loading. As specified in the Statement of Work (SOW) that accompanied the request for proposal, testing I-2 shall be conducted on beam-column sections that are not influenced by variations in member-end boundary conditions, which are idealized as rotationally and torsionally restrained or free. [more]

Task Order 33 - Wind Speed Mapping

The primary objective of this task is to prepare revised wind speed maps for submission as proposed changes to the next edition of the ASCE 7 engineering standard (ASCE 7-16). Updates to all existing ASCE 7-10 wind speed maps (in both the standard and the commentary to the serviceability appendix) are to be prepared that incorporate NIST nontropical wind analysis and four different return periods. A 10,000 year mean recurrence interval map for tropical cyclones only will also be developed specifically for a proposal to update the ICC 500 Standard for Design and Construction of Storm Shelters (ICC 2008). [more]

Task Order 34 - Assessment of ASCE 41 First Generation Performance-Based Seismic Design Methods for New Building in High-Seismic Regions

The objective of this project is to engage groups of experts to provide technical support and, where needed, subject matter expert guidance to improve the resulting technical outcomes for two ongoing NIST projects. The work will be conducted in two phases (one for Steel Systems and the other for Concrete Systems) [more]

Task Order 35 - Development of Technical Brief on Structural Design Issues – Special Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls

The primary objective of Task Order 35 is to produce a new technical brief addressing the analysis and design of Special Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls for building structures in regions of moderate and high seismicity. This technical brief will be a synthesis of model building code requirements and leading practitioner-recognized techniques, resulting in clear and concise analysis, design, and construction guidance for use by practicing structural engineers. [more]

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