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Summary of Task Order Projects : 16 - 20

Task Order 16 – Cost-Benefit Analysis of  Codes and Standards for Earthquake-Resistant Construction in Selected U.S. Regions – Phase I

The primary objective of this task is to perform trial designs for selected archetypical building types in order to estimate relative costs and benefits associated with earthquake-resistant construction in the mid-Mississippi River Valley region. [more]

Task Order 17 – Seismic Behavior and Design of Deep, Slender Wide-Flange Structural Steel Beam-Column Members: Phase I

The primary objective of this task is to develop a comprehensive long-range program plan to research the seismic behavior of deep, slender wide-flange structural steel beam-columns in steel frames.  Research studies shall concentrate on member-level and system-level performance and consist of both experimental and analytical studies.  This document represents the first phase of work required to provide nationally accepted guidelines for designing and assessing the seismic performance of wide-flange beam columns in steel frames. [more]

Task Order 18 – Assessment of Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Structures Based on Modal Superposition

The primary objective of this task is to engage a Project Review Panel (PRP) to provide technical support of this on-going NIST project to develop a new analytical tool to increase the accuracy and efficiency in nonlinear structural analysis, giving the designer increased confidence in the method, by providing subject matter expert assessment on the technical merit and potential outcomes of the project. [more]

Task Order 19 – Comparison of Present Chilean and U.S. Model Building Code Seismic Provisions and Seismic Design Practices

The primary objective of this task is to analyze and compare present (post-1990) seismic design provisions in Chilean building codes with applicable U.S. model building code and standard provisions for new buildings, principally ASCE 7 and ACI 318.  This work will detail where the Chilean and U.S. code provisions are alike and where they are different, including differences in design response spectra in Chilean seismic zones and ASCE 7.  Work will also document similarities and differences in seismic analysis and design practice for new buildings as performed in the United States and Chile. [more]

Task Order 20 – Ground Motion and Building Performance Data From the 2010 Chile Earthquake

The primary purpose of this task is to develop a cost-effective and event-specific web-based data repository for the Chile earthquake that is based upon publicly available information that is available from U.S. and Chilean post-earthquake reconnaissance team members. [more]

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