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Projects : Task Order 31

Development of Annual Report for National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Covering Fiscal Year 2012


The primary objective of this task is provide critical portions of a NEHRP annual report covering NEHRP activities during fiscal year 2012, covering the period of 1 October 2011 through 30 June 2012.

Work to be carried out under this task order includes providing: (1) a collated description of the activities and results of NEHRP in FY 2012 (through 30 June 2012), listed by NEHRP Strategic Plan goal and objective; (2) a collated description of activities performed by all of the NEHRP agencies (FEMA, NSF, and USGS) that contribute to NEHRP but are not included in it (e.g., EarthScope at the NSF), for FY 2012; (3) a collated description of activities supported by the FEMA through its grants and assistance that enable the States to develop mitigation, preparedness, and response plans, prepare inventories and conduct seismic safety inspections of critical structures and lifelines, update building and zoning codes and ordinances to enhance seismic safety, increase earthquake awareness and education, and encourage developing multi-state groups and consortia that accomplish those same goals, for FY 2012; (4) a collated listed of proposed specific FY 2012 activity updates for the cooperating organizations receiving NEHRP support; and (5) a collated list of NEHRP agency responses to major earthquakes in 2012.

The following individuals are proposed to serve on the PTC, subject to confirmation by the Joint Venture Program Committee and approval by NIST:

William Anderson (retired), Former Program Officer, Civil, Mechanical & Manufacturing Innovation, National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia

• John Filson (retired), Former Acting Program Coordinator, Earthquake Hazards Program Office, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia; and

• Robert Hanson, Technical Advisor, Building Science Branch, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Walnut Creek, California.

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