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Summary of Task Order Projects : 26 - 30

Task Order 26 – Development of NIST Measurement Science R&D Roadmap: Windstorm and Coastal Inundation Impact Reduction

The primary objective of this task is to prepare a research and development roadmap for NIST’s Windstorm and Coastal Inundation Impact Reduction Program. This roadmap shall incorporate a broad strategic approach and objectives for buildings, structures, and lifelines, including both new and existing construction. This approach shall adapt the ATC-57 framework and follow the subject areas and program elements outlined in the preceding Background statement. [more]

Task Order 27 - Development of Updated NEHRP Post-Earthquake Investigations Strategy: Phase I

The primary objective of this task is to provide an updated replacement plan for USGS Circular 1242 that outlines the data coordination, collection, management, and analysis actions required of the NEHRP agencies (FEMA, NIST, NSF, USGS), working in partnership with other relevant national organizations (e.g., ASCE, EERI) following major future earthquakes. [more]

Task Order 28 - Development of Earthquake-Resilient Lifelines: NEHRP Research and Implementation Roadmap, Phase I

The primary objective of this task is to develop a 10-year research, outreach, and implementation roadmap for generating new model earthquake-resilient design and construction standards for key lifeline systems and components. It is envisioned that, once developed, these standards would improve national resilience through adoption as voluntary consensus standards for community resilience at the state and local levels throughout the United States. [more]

Task Order 29 - Development of Technical Brief on Structural Design Issues – Seismic Design of Steel Special Concentrically Braced Frame Systems

The primary objective of this task is to produce a new techbrief addressing Steel Special Concentrically Braced Frames (SCBF), including buckling restrained braced frames (BRBF). This techbrief will be a synthesis of model building code requirements and leading practitioner-recognized techniques, resulting in clear and concise analysis, design, and construction guidance for use by practicing structural engineers. [more]

Task Order 30 - Assessment of the Performance of Slender Reinforced Concrete Walls Under Significant Lateral Loads

The primary objective of this task is to engage a small committee to provide technical support for this NIST research project. This committee will provide subject matter expert guidance to improve the technical detail and outcome of the project scope. It will provide technical support on wall testing, evaluation of test results, evaluation of nonlinear structural behavior of walls, assessment of results and conclusions, and review of proposed codes and standards changes. [more]

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