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Projects : Task Order 33

Wind Speed Mapping


The primary objective of this task is to prepare revised wind speed maps for submission as proposed changes to the next edition of the ASCE 7 engineering standard (ASCE 7-16). Updates to all existing ASCE 7-10 wind speed maps (in both the standard and the commentary to the serviceability appendix) are to be prepared that incorporate NIST nontropical wind analysis and four different return periods. A 10,000 year mean recurrence interval map for tropical cyclones only will also be developed specifically for a proposal to update the ICC 500 Standard for Design and Construction of Storm Shelters (ICC 2008).

In addition, as part of the preparation of the maps, an important element for getting the proposed changes accepted by the various ASCE 7 committees involved in the process will be a technical paper describing the mapping methodology that is to be submitted to and accepted by an engineering journal. The purpose of this paper is to provide credibility to the methodology and an understanding to the profession for the need for the proposed mapping changes.

The Wind Speed Mapping Program Committee is proposed to consist of the following members:
Jon A. Heintz (Program Manager, Chair), ATC Director of Projects, Redwood City, California;
Leighton Cochran, Consultant, Fort Collins, Colorado;
Kurt Gurley, University of Florida, Dept. of Civil and Coastal Engineering, Gainesville, Florida;
Donald Scott, PCS Structural Solutions, Tacoma, Washington; and
Tom Smith, TLSmith Consulting Inc. (architect specializing in building envelop issues pertaining to wind and weather), Rockton, Illinois.

Project Technical Director:
• Peter Vickery
, Principal Engineer with Applied Research Associates, is proposed as Project Technical Director for the Task Order 33 work.

It is believed that the members of the Project Technical Committee should come from engineering and educational organizations that can provide experts in wind speed mapping issues. Recommended Project Technical Committee members could include:

William Coulbourne, P.E., Director Wind and Flood Hazard Mitigation, ATC (ex-officio);
Doug Smith, PhD, Texas Tech University;
Gary Chock, Martin & Chock, Honolulu, Hawaii; and
Jon Peterka, CPP, Fort Collins, Colorado.

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