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Projects : Task Order 28

Development of Earthquake-Resilient Lifelines: NEHRP Research and Implementation Roadmap, Phase I


The primary objective of this task is to develop a 10-year research, outreach, and implementation roadmap for generating new model earthquake-resilient design and construction standards for key lifeline systems and components. It is envisioned that, once developed, these standards would improve national resilience through adoption as voluntary consensus standards for community resilience at the state and local levels throughout the United States.

The scope of the recommended program will include electrical power lifelines, gas and liquid fuel lifelines, telecommunication lifelines, and water and sewer lifelines. Transportation lifelines are addressed by the Department of Transportation, and will be excluded from consideration in this study. The roadmap will consider both the engineering research that is needed to improve lifeline resilience and social science research that is needed to support planning and adoption measures. Basic (fundamental) and applied (problem-focused) research efforts, and education and outreach activities, will be outlined.

Work to be carried out under this task order includes: (1) project management and oversight, including the selection and confirmation of key project personnel; (2) preparation of a Project Work Plan; (3) collection of available lifelines information; (4) prioritization of critical research needs; (5) conduct of a review workshop; (6) preparation of a draft and final research roadmap reports; and (7) presentation of in-person status reports at NIST offices in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and at NEHRP Consultants Joint Venture offices in Redwood City, California.

Project Director: [TBD]

Project Technical Committee members: [TBD]

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