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Projects : Task Order 23

Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation for Performance-Based Seismic Engineering


In NIST GCR 09-917-2, Research Required to Support Full Implementation of Performance-Based Seismic Design, several research topics were identified as high-priority in terms of fostering full development and implementation of performance-based seismic engineering (PBSE). These included: (1) improvement in analytical modeling and demand assessment capabilities for buildings in near-collapse seismic loading; and (2) clarification and coordination in the translation of test results to currently used performance levels.

This project is intended to address the gap between state-of-the-art academic research and state-of- practice engineering applications in nonlinear analysis, structural modeling, and computer simulation in support of PBSE. The intended outcome is improved nonlinear dynamic analysis capabilities and simplified procedures that are suitable and attractive to practitioners, and that maintain levels of accuracy commensurate with research models.

The primary objective of this task is to develop a comprehensive, concise, long-range Nonlinear Analysis Study and Development Program to establish best-practice guidelines for practitioners to conduct nonlinear analysis, structural modeling, and computer simulation for seismic applications and to support the on-going the development and implementation of PBSE. The plan will focus on analysis software tools that are amenable to use in engineering practice, including both commercial and research software that is currently available or likely to become available for practice in the near future. The project will also explore important needs to help establish a road map to analysis capabilities that may require longer term efforts to achieve.

Work to be carried out under this task order includes: (1) project management and oversight, including the selection and confirmation of key project personnel; (2) preparation of a Project Work Plan; (3) update of a NIST project description; (4) data collection on research and practice; (5) preparation of a research plan; (6) initiation of product development under that plan; and (7) preparation of in-person and written project reports on the status of work.

Project Director: Laura Samant, ATC Director of Business Development, Arlington, VA

Project Technical Committee members:

• Greg Deierlein (Project Director, Chair), Stanford University, Stanford, CA

• Peter Behnam, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Los Angeles, CA

• Finley Charney, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA

• Andrei Reinhorn, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY

• Jonathan Stewart, University of California, Los Angeles, CA

• Michael Willford, ARUP, San Francisco, CA

• Kevin Wong, NIST Project Manager (ex-officio member)

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