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Testing the Collapse Potential of Reinforced Concrete Structures

The primary objective of this task is to perform full-scale testing of two reinforced concrete specimens in support of internal NIST research on modeling of progressive collapse of concrete structures. NIST is obtaining experimental data on the collapse potential of reinforced concrete structures to verify and calibrate its modeling. The testing, conducted on two specimens, will simulate the loss of support of a middle column while end columns remain in place. Surrogate gravity loading and large displacements will be imposed on the beam and extensive data collection performed.

The testing is being conducted under contract to Purdue University. The work is being carried out in the Bowen Laboratory under the direction of Santiago Pujol and Meta Sozen, with additional involvement of Adolfo Matamoros of the University of Kansas.

Project Review Panel:
• Robert Smilowitz, Weidlinger Engineers
• James Jirsa, University of Texas at Austin

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