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Assessment of ASCE 41 First Generation Performance-Based Seismic Design Methods for New Buildings in High Seismic Regions – Phases I-III

NIST has started work on a project to benchmark ASCE 41 first-generation performance-based seismic design procedures as applied to new building structures designed in accordance with ASCE/SEI 7-05, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE 7). The primary objective of this task is to engage a Peer Review Panel (PRP) to provide technical support for the on-going NIST project by providing guidance and advice on technical detail and project scope, seismic hazard analysis, ground motion scaling for varying return periods, nonlinear dynamic analysis, structural behavior, design of building structures, and peer review services.

Project Review Panel:

At the program-level, the Project Review Panel will include:

• William Holmes (Project Director, Chair), Rutherford & Chekene Structural Engineers, San Francisco, California

• Peter Sommers, MKA, Seattle, Washington (alternate: Michael Corrin, Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates Ltd., Nashville, Tennessee)

• Robert D. Hanson, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan, Walnut Creek, California

• Nicolas Luco, United States Geological Survey, Colorado

At the phase-level, the Phase 1 Project Review Panel on Special Steel Moment Frames:

• Michael D. Engelhardt, University of Texas at Austin

• Tom Sabol, Englekirk and Sabol, Los Angeles, California

The Phase 2 Project Review Panel on Special Steel Concentrically Braced Frames:

• Stephen Mahin, University of California, Berkeley, California;

• Rafael Sabelli, Walter P. Moore, San Francisco, California.

The Phase 3 Project Review Panel on Special Steel Eccentrically Braced Frames:

• Charles Roeder, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington;

• James Malley, Degenkolb Engineers, San Francisco, California

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