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Improved Procedures for Characterizing and Modeling Soil-Structure Interaction for Performance-Based Seismic Engineering

The primary objective of this task is to develop guidance for implementing soil-structure interaction in response history analyses, such that input ground motions accurately reflect both site geotechnical conditions and foundation impedance associated with the building under consideration. The project should also identify areas of research that are needed to further improve the guidance that is developed.

Project Director:

Jonathan Stewart, University of California, Los Angeles, California

Project Technical Committee:
• Structural engineering practitioner – Brett Lizundia, Rutherford & Chekene Structural Engineers, San Francisco, California

• Structural researcher with expertise in soil-structure interaction – Tara Hutchinson, University of California, San Diego, California

• Structural practitioner with extensive experience in conducting nonlinear response history analyses – Farzad Naeim, John A. Martin & Associates, Los Angeles, California

• Civil/geotechnical practitioner with extensive experience in design of structures considering soil-structure interaction – Farhang Ostadan, Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco, California

• Geotechnical practitioner with extensive experience in soil-structure interaction – C. B. Crouse, URS Corporation, Seattle, Washington

Project Review Panel:
• Seismologist with extensive experience in kinematic soil-structure interaction – Norman Abrahamson, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, San Francisco, California

• Civil/geotechnical researcher in the Eastern U.S. – Yousef Hashash, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

• Civil/geotechnical researcher in the Central U.S. (TBD)

• Representative from the nuclear industry – Annie Kammerer, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C.

• Representative from the ATC-55 (FEMA 440) Project, Craig Comartin, CDComartin Inc., Stockton, California

• Geotechnical Engineering practitioner – Gyimah Kasali, Rutherford & Chekene, San Francisco, California

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