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Projects : Task Order 08


Development of Technical Brief on Structural Design Issues – Guidelines for Performing Nonlinear Structural Analysis

The primary objective of this task is to produce a new techbrief addressing the application of current commercially available software and other analytical tools for conducting nonlinear structural analysis modeling for seismic design of buildings. This techbrief will be a synthesis of nonlinear structural modeling and analysis techniques that have been developed by researchers and leading practitioners, resulting in clear and concise analytical guidance for use by structural engineers.

Both nonlinear static procedures (NSPs) and nonlinear dynamic procedures (NDPs) will be considered for inclusion in the techbrief, along with such issues as joint modeling techniques, damping, energy dissipation, strength and stiffness degradation, P-Delta effects, and techniques to enhance accuracy and mathematical stability.

Project Director:

Greg Deierlein (Project Director and Lead Author), Stanford University, Stanford, California

Project Technical Committee:
• Michael Willford, ARUP, San Francisco, California;
• Andre Reinhorn, State University of New York at Buffalo

Project Review Panel:
• Graham Powell, Graham H. Powell, Inc., Lafayette, California;
• Mason Walters, Forell/Elsesser, San Francisco, California
• Finley Charney, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia

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