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Projects : Task Order 06


Improved Nonlinear Static Analysis of Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Systems

The primary objective of this project is to address the second of three unresolved issues from FEMA 440, which is related to improvement of simplified nonlinear modeling considering multiple-degree-of-freedom effects. Work will include an extensive literature search to identify the body of research on nonlinear static analysis and consideration of MDOF effects that has been generated since FEMA 440 was published.

Project reporting will include a summary of available research, guidance on how to practically perform nonlinear static analyses, and limitations on the use of nonlinear static analysis procedures (based on MDOF and other considerations). The need for additional focused MDOF analytical studies will be considered based on the results of the literature search.

Work may include development of guidance for simplified design considering MDOF effects using a variety of analysis techniques.

Project Director:
Michael Valley, Consulting Structural Engineer, Kent, WA

Project Technical Committee:
Continuity from the ATC-62 Project:
• Craig Comartin, CDComartin, Inc., Stockton, CA - [T06-2]
• Mark Aschheim, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA - [T06-3]
• Helmut Krawinkler, Stanford University, Los Altos, CA - [T06-4]

• William T. Holmes, Rutherford & Chekene, San Francisco, CA - [T06-5]
• Mark Sinclair, Degenkolb Engineers, San Francisco, CA - [T06-6]

Project Review Panel:
• Michael Constantinou, University at Buffalo, SUNY - [T06-7]
• Jerome Hajjar, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
• Jack Moehle, University of California, Berkeley

• Joseph Maffei, Rutherford & Chekene, San Francisco, CA
• Farzad Naeim, John A. Martin & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
• Michael Willford, ARUP, San Francisco, CA

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