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Projects : Task Order 04


Quantification of Building System Performance and Response Parameters

A continuation of Task Order 1, the objective of this project is to conduct beta testing of the ATC-63 methodology on three additional structural systems: (a) ordinary reinforced masonry shear walls; (b) ordinary reinforced concrete moment frames; and (c) ordinary steel moment frames.

Project Director Affiliation
Charlie Kircher Charlie Kircher & Assoc.

Project Technical Committee

Greg Deierlein Stanford University
John Hooper Magnussen Klemencic
P. Benson Shing UC San Diego
John Wallace UC Los Angeles
Steve Mahin UC Berkeley
Helmut Krawinkler Stanford University

Project Review Panel

Ron Hamburger Simpson, Gumpertz, Heger
Jim Harris Jim Harris & Assoc.
Bill Holmes Rutherford & Chekene
Rafael Sabelli Walter P. Moore & Assoc.
Nico Luco USGS
Kurt Stochlia ICC Evaluation Service

NEHRP Consultants Joint Venture Project Manager
Jon Heintz Applied Technology Council

NIST Program Officer
Jack Hayes

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