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Development of Seismic Design Guidelines for Port and Harbor Facilities

The primary objective of this project is to perform the first phase of work required to produce a seismic design guidelines document for critical port and harbor facilities, keying on containerized shipping activities. Both new construction and improved existing construction will be considered. The guidelines document will focus on improved earthquake survivability for containerized shipping functions, considering system-wide processes and functionality.

Project Director Affiliation
Richard Wittkop Moffat & Nichol, Long Beach, CA

Project Technical Committee

Jonathan Bray University of California, Berkeley
Glen Rix Georgia Institute of Technology
Gayle Johnson Halcrow HPA, Oakland, CA
Ian Robertson University of Hawaii at Manoa
Cheng Lai Senior Structural Engineer - Port of Long Beach, CA
Omar Jaradat Moffat & Nichol, Long Beach, CA

NEHRP Consultants Joint Venture Project Manager
Jon Heintz Applied Technology Council

NIST Program Officer
Jack Hayes

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